Let me get you situated

If you’ve stumbled upon me somehow, in the endless cesspool that I’ve come to call my home (the internet), I suppose I should say welcome.  My personal opinion, if not preference, is that nobody will ever read what I write here.  I have succumbed to that tricky devil called the blog, that outlet through which the unique and talented shine and exhibit with pride.  I am no such individual.  This blog, for example, has no specific purpose.  It is not to display my hard-worked wares nor is to impose theoretical pontifications of life or my field of study upon a helpless reader.  It is especially not for whining about my life and that annoying bitch in line at the Deli.  I’m not here because I’m proud of something and want to share it or because I want to drivel on about my unremarkable daily life.  I have no mission statement other than to explore the recesses of what may strike me.  It also seems like an exceptional way to waste time. And so that being said, allow me to shrug off my own overdeveloped sense of privacy and put on my waitress-face (hopefully minus the bowing and scraping).

  • I am aspiring academic in the third year of my Bachelor’s program studying Archaeology and Bioanthropology
  • I am a hobbyist painter and guitarist/songwritter
  • I have an unnatural adore for snakes and lizards
  • I am one of those people who likes to have a 5-year plan (which currently involves applying to my school’s joint BA/MA program in the spring); You will see a lot of lists in this blog, I am what you might call a “hyper-planner”.
  • I like watching anime and adult cartoons (and Daria is my ultimate pop culture kindred spirit)
  • I will answer to the name “Carnivorious Bed Slug”
  • My favorite thing about my friends is their pedantically highbrow yet shameless senses of humor

So that’s how I roll.  I’m not here to claim I’m some amazing unique gem of a person, not to be found anywhere in the world.  Far from it.  But it has certainly taken time and effort to find people who are capable of understanding how I think and how I do.  I seem to have delayed my school work long enough with this banal post so on this terribly boring note, I will leave you, Dear Reader.  À bientôt.